Héctor Fernández

A Spanish
Online Marketing freelancer
based in Berlin

These are my skills


Potential customers are looking for your services everyday! Are you sure your website shows Google what they are searching for? That´s SEO: improve your online visibility & target audience relevancy.


SEM is not only about AdWords, but also about landing pages, copywriting, design, keyword research, A/B testing, purchase path, conversion funnel optimization… Are you up to date?

Project Management

Projects are based on 4 important pillars: resources, time, stakeholders and results. My goal is to find the perfect balance among them and make the best out of them.

Content Marketing

You research interesting topics which align with your business, keywords, create the content and publish it. But is that all? Well, this is only the first step!

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, …they are only tools. The successfull social networking relies on creativity, strategy, planning, research, …and empathy.

Team Building

Teams must have clear structures and values. Team member engagement is one of the most important keys of successful projects.


Social Media - 5 years
SEM/SEA - 2.5 years
Copywriting - 6 years
SEO - 6 years
Content Marketing - 5 years

Why do you need a Spanish Online Marketing Freelancer in your team?

If you want to do business successfully in Spanish speaking countries you need to know the market, the culture, recognize the characteristics of every single country and master the language. What else?

  • A network of partners: Bloggers, copywriters, Online Marketing agencies,…
  • Someone who can communicate successfully with them.
  • Someone who understands the colloquial language.
  • Someone who can proofread the copywriting… and more.

Is this what you are looking for?

What can you expect from me?

Online Marketing Expert

Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing, SEM. I like to create strategies and embed little actions into a global vision. Everything is connected!

Spanish native speaker with very good English and German skills

I am a native Spanish speaker with exceptional writing skills and taste for good (and SEO-focused) content. I love writing, not only in Spanish, but also in English!

Experienced Team Manager

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. This African proverb illustrates the way I lead teams to achieve outstanding results.

Intelligent flexibility

I think it is important to pursue and defend your ideas, especially when you bring new projects to life. On the other hand, Online Marketing is about testing and adapting yourself to a fast-paced environment. Therefore, intelligent flexibility is a must!

Google Analytics Expert

I am an expert in: statistics reporting, improvement of Google rankings and the amount of high quality visits and website optimization.

I have fun working strategically

I lead my projects to great success by planning and executing a well-thought strategy with detail-orientation. I am proactive with a great sense of team spirit and always looking for new and exciting challenges.

  • In 2 months we jumped from less than 2000 to almost 8000 visitors. Héctor prepared a cocktail of SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media for Mobile App Europe that gave great results.

    Lucas Jahn
    Lucas Jahn
    Communication Designer & Frontend Developer at WEINBLUM + STAHL
  • We feel very happy to have Héctor Fernández for creating our business website. He gave us really professional advice, with the result we expected. In adittion, he is very participatory person and also gave us several keys to promoting the web. Our expectations have been fulfilled and the experience working with him has been entirely satisfactory. Thank you very much Héctor!

    Elisabeth Anselstetter
    Elisabeth Anselstetter
    Manager Finca Los Geranios
  • Hector was working in one of our projects as a community manager. During that time he took the project to a new level. I totally can recommend him.

    Frank Sellingsloh
    Frank Sellingsloh
    Director FU International Academy Tenerife
  • As a Social Media Manager and Web Designer Héctor is a valuable member of the team and is not afraid to take on multiple tasks. He is very creative when it comes to problem solving, efficient with his time and has strong analytical skills. He would be a great asset to any organisation which employed him.

    Deborah Good
    Deborah Good
    Owner Good English Web Content Writing

Speak the language of your customers

Online Marketing is not as simple as using correct grammar or spelling. It is about targeting needs. But how can you understand your customers’ needs if you don´t understand their background and everything it involves? Cultural behaviour, expressions, irony… in other words: in order to truly reach them, you need to be able to clearly communicate with them.

The right message and keywords can lead you to gain trust, leads, conversions and improve your search engine results. In simpler words: they improve your brand awareness and your income.

Are you ready to make the best out of your online presence?