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I see life like a continuous learning process

In this lines you will find my professional experience in the field of Online Marketing, but also my mindset and values. I hope you find it interesting. If you want to know more about me, just press the button!

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My name is Héctor Fernández Gutiérrez. I come from a beautiful island called Tenerife in the Atlantic Ocean. Now you may be wondering what on earth made me move to the freezing Berlin. Ok, first, I love Online Marketing and Berlin is quite a fascinating city for Online Marketers!

But there is more to it:

After graduating in Economic Sciences at the University of La Laguna (Tenerife), I went to Germany for an internship in the marketing department of the company nal von minden GmbH. Eager to learn more, I went back to Tenerife in order to receive advanced education in the innovation area and started working as Innovation Consultant and Project Manager.

What can I do for you?

Social Media SEO
Content Marketing SEM/SEA
Copywriting Website relaunch

Let´s talk on:

My passion for Online Marketing started as a hobby

I am sure you will agree that passion starts with a hobby. I started reading a lot about Online Marketing, followed many Online Marketing courses and used my social networks more frequently. I learned that if a company wanted to be successful in real life, they had to invest in new technologies and tools like Social Media, SEO, …  because – even back then – they were  already a big part of our reality.

What I did during this time was setting up and executing my own projects in which I could use all the new skills I learned and further develop my potential. These two big projects were:

Inngravitto, a blog where I used to mainly speak about Innovation and Social Media. I started discovering my passion for Online Marketing, especially Social Media and Content Marketing. I created my blog with the help of my friend Alejandro Hernández, creator of EconomíaTIC. We have been always a Team, since we started studying Economics. We spent (and we are still spending) hours speaking about topics like Online Marketing, business development or WordPress.

As life changes, this blog doesn’t exist anymore. But I took advantage on living in Berlin to create a blog called Inside Berlin, with insider tips for spanish speaking tourists and “berliners”

My second large project is called Geria Sostenibilidad. I co-founded this NGO related to sustainable development on the Canary Islands with great and qualified people: biologists, geographers, sociologists, marketers, etc. Can you imagine that? It was a great time where we held many brainstorm sessions in cafés in which we discussed how to make the largest impact with the smallest input of money and time, in short: we successfully managed the organization!  It was a lot of fun with so many new experiences. I am very proud that they are still working to create healthier Canary Islands!

My first steps towards becoming an Online Marketing Professional

In 2012,  I decided I wanted to move to Berlin…however, I found The FU International Academy in Puerto de la Cruz! I had the opportunity to work as Social Media Manager and trainer for the new interns, performing different tasks like Community Management, Blogging, SEO, Public Relations, relaunch of new websites with WordPress, giving seminars to our interns and much more.

I also had the opportunity to lead a great project from the scratch, collaborating with a group of six people: Alemania te necesita, with a focus on the Spanish market. During this time I learned two important things: I had all the skills to do it and although I already knew a lot, there was even a looooot more to learn.

There are a lot of theories about the meaning of the three wise monkeys. My favourite one is that each monkey has 2 virtues and one defect. In order to reach their goals, they will have to work together and well organized (goals that they wouldn’t reach separately due to their defects) That´s the key of successful teams.

Love took me to Berlin

That´s exactly what happened. I met my girlfriend while I was working in Puerto de la Cruz.One day, she came to me and told me “I love Tenerife, but there is something missing here. I am thinking about moving to Berlin. I think it is a great place to live” – My answer was “Ok, let´s go!” Can you imagine this moment? She was bit afraid to tell me about her plans and what I might answer and I was just thinking “awesome”! You should have seen her face!

Once in Berlin, I started my own business as Online Marketer. Next to that, I worked for the company Díaz Hilterscheid GmbH. In this company I was responsible for the social networks for several projects, the AdWords campaigns, SEO, copywriting, the relaunch of several websites and the Content Marketing strategy for the large project “Mobile App Europe” with the aim to attract more visitors and increase the number of conversions.

Was it successful? Let´s play a game: Go to Google and type “mobile UI guidelines”. Check out if you find Mobile App Europe 😉

Right now I am seeking new exciting projects in Berlin which align with my mindset and values and looking for companies for which leadership and strategic thinking are crucial concepts in order to successfully deliver great Online Marketing solutions.

 This is my story so far. What do you think, maybe it is time to create the next chapter together now?

Let´s write a new story together! Just need to give the first step >