Social Media

Fine tune your frequency. Connect with your customers.

What can I do for you?

  • Development of your Social Media Strategy.
  • Creation and implementation of your Social Media Plan.
  • Conception of your Social Media Crisis Response Plan.
  • Posting on different Social Media channels.
  • Customer care of different Social Media platforms.
  • Evaluation and analysis of Social Media activities.
  • Content creation and curation.
  • Acquisition and care of new and profitable collaborations (PR).


My favourite channels? Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Want to rock your Social Media actions in Spanish speaking countries?

Then you need a Spanish Native Speaker with the best technical skills

But that´s not all. You need someone with good taste for writing, who empathizes with your audience, who cares about the customers,…

Is this what you are looking for?

Why do you need a Spanish Social Media freelancer in your team?

If you want to do business successfully in Spanish speaking countries you need to

Understand the culture

Do you know the behavioral differences among stakeholders, customers and companies in Spanish speaking countries?
A small detail can make a big difference!

Master the language

Could you properly write a text in Spanish, understand ironic comments or interact with a customer without problems? Communication without barriers helps you to clearly express your vision and desires!

Gain contacts and partners

Time is money. Partner acquisition can take much more time without proper language skills. Save time and money and benefit from my network of local experts!

Know the subtleties

Did you know that being interrupted when speaking during a business meeting isn’t considered rude in Spain? Sometimes knowing local habits can decide about business success!

Héctor was working in one of our projects as a community manager. During that time he took the project to a new level. I totally can recommend him.

Testimonial Frank Sellingsloh
Frank Sellingsloh
Director FU International Academy Tenerife

Want to rock your Social Media actions in Spanish speaking countries?